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Personal data collected and why?

No data collected, but we never know the default GAFA settings, without us knowing without our willingness, the fight  against the iron pot.


Comments: how to silence the comments?

No comments possible so no data to sell: If you absolutely wanted to do it, thank you for being socratized .. and therefore no need for “moderation queue” which excludes ....Rocco Siffredi or even Rasputin



Humor is also imperfect subjunctive love. If the existing copyright is clear and simply visible, respect it from the other sources mentioned according to their repective policy.

Links from this site may take you to others who have their own “privacy policy deep in the sea”. The decision is yours.



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If there was a contact form, it would be to contact us of your own free will, thus giving your email address. If you were to like this site, tell others, ditto if you hate it for its caricatures





Cookies baked at 120 ° is better


Maybe our host, the digital shepherd, automatically puts temporary cookies?

Hurry up and eat the cookies while they are hot, because once the page is closed, I am told, the cookies are gone, eaten by the binary reasoning bytes. The web is very greedy in sugar to function.


Sharing of collected data:


No data collected, so sharing nothing can only be a fantastic cosmological work.



Google Analytics :  the fruit of your entrails -


 Purchasing power is citizenship, spitting power is the poverty line.


In the digital gulag, Google considers each of you to be Emperor or Empress of China 

  According to this custom, one “inhales” the fruit of your entrails (your clicks), to find out if your mental and physical health is worthy of civilizational interest.


 Analytics is very explicit in this regard.

  Anal-reads our tics (from french Anal -  Lit (read)- tics (anal lit tics) here another play on word in English would refer to "lit" (from light)  giving Anal lightened by your tics (not same meaning as in French)


This site has not subscribed to this coprological service because we do not want to know who you are because only you could know it as Socrates said.


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