Moderna Top Fakescientist Ignorant Dr Tal ZAKS,

and Premier Danseur at Covid Fakeccine Opera, declared

“ After I removed my tutu, I found how to HACK THE SOFTWARE OF LIFE” .


mRNA is an operating system, each body cell get our instructions to make its own fakeccine, despite it may inactivate cancer suppressing proteins” “we have invented the information therapy”


This IDIOT molecule code urinater , ignorant & arrogant, forgot that medicine is information therapy that existed even before man was on this planet.


Also this stupid  thinking life as a computer, forgot that


Arrogant digital pissers, in the line of Gafam, Schwab,…. claim to “hack”  the software of life …..


not realizing this software does not exist, aware supra quantum life is software free,

life being “order without chief, and chief without order”.