But first  divergent  views followed by the marvellous "Red book" of his foundation :


Home page header images dont come from the digital gulag in which we live by "forced" necessity or pampered choice

All our digital activity is joyfully recycled for Artificial Intelligence dual use, including autoritarian regime existing or soon to be
We have to beware of our dialogs with our 5G refrigirator which as all it needs to milk you
Ugly and Mad Conspirationist and Conspiracialist Quotes


The JUNTA of ISTOCKPILEALL are assassins :
Assassins,i.e who have consciously chosen to plunge the planetary consciousness and the consciousness of each human being into the darkness of pollution, into isolation, in short, to prevent the blossoming of universal intelligence in hearts..
One of the first tool of this mental illness is "Prophetic vision, plans, God's views and alike"
Planning one's sadistic delight beyond 50 shades of grey, even on children, just for a dopamine shoot.

28 octobre 2020 at last  CNRS (Sorry for the dishonoured Pasteur's name by Pasteur Institute) taking risks for their career, published  on our February 2020 question about the scientific demonstration of the origin of the virus and on the right of being truthfully informed as citizen....French authorities declared
"we are at war" our ennemy is a natural virus ? , if so, we still are combating Nature since a couple of centuries

"The question of the natural or synthetic origin of SARS-CoV-2 should not depend on a political agenda or communication logics.It deserves to be examined in the light of the scientific data available to us "

In my courses devoted to viral engineering, I usually present this theoretical exercise to Masters students: I ask them to imagine a process giving the HIV virus the capacity to infect any cell. of the organism (not just lymphocytes).
These students are brilliant, and most are able to offer me effective methods, leading to the construction of potentially dangerous chimeric viruses.

I have been teaching this course for about ten years and the students focus exclusively on the effectiveness of the method, without questioning for a second the potential consequences of their implementation

see, still in french for the moment :
Prizes without  Spirit (like Nobel, Fields, & others prizes of baron Coubertinage and  alike 'Ego-traffickers" made to glorify the alphamales/females gurus of an ego-based science as wolf pack (publish or die - funding only for darkness intents)

The science of darkness of the  IDIOTS (Invention Delivered Immediately to  Organisations of Tortures of Society)  vs  ISIS science (Invention of Serendipity Intelligently Sequestrated - no venimous mushrooms served)

Humanity can enjoy the beautiful awaken science! join NABEL Adrénaline ....
the greatest scientist of the Celtic world, who said to Asterix the Gaul, Fed up above the amphora!
I don't want anyone to use me and my torque anymore to make war"

EuroMOMO is an European mortality monitoring activity, aiming to detect and measure excess deaths related to seasonal influenza, pandemics and other public health threats.

2015 International Commerce struck by strict controls of pathogenes
Vision on technoloy 2010-2020
On Artificial Intelligence that relieves Human Misery
On a future world liberated from FEAR
Rockfeller's foundation glorifies itself to be a philanthropic organisation for Humanity's sake.
Since over 107 years at least, billions they give (so said) to save Humanity from dangers and help its progress.

This family has therefore transferred part of its fortune, for this purpose, in a Foundation.
In Anglo-Saxon mentality, Foundation means " how clever we are and proud as we did avoid taxes and still we can decide to impose our views"

This foundation has a remarkable set of "think tanks" that "tanks thinks". producing well ahead of any one, scenarios of the future of Humanity.

What is remarkable, defying all laws of probabilities, they are of a diabolic or Christic  precision, scenarios that further more enacted.

Fortunately this family has anticipated all that and developped tools and technologies to save Humanity.

This foundation is the Noah's ark of Humanity. Just take your (paying?) ticket to avoid remaining in the "hell of toothless people as said President Holland in mocking poor people - (probably the ones to be later found in Auschwitz2 subcontracted framework program of this foundation